Jonathan Humphries is a Senior Lecturer for Hotel Asset Management, Hotel Planning and Development at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL). In the past two years, Jonathan was charged with creating and delivering new industry focused courses. Over 1,000 students completed the first ever Hotel Asset Management course for Europe and courses in Hotel Development & Planning.

Senior Director of HoCoSo, Katharine Le Quesne is a Visiting Professor at EHL and teaches the courses of Hotel Planning & Development. Her expertise lay within resort and theme park developments in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1893, EHL provides a top-quality, world-class education on a lively and dynamic campus. Four university-level academic programs are available, offering many opportunities for international careers in the hospitality industry.  An Executive-MBA, a Masters in Global Hospitality, a Bachelor in Hospitality Management and an MBA in Hospitality. EHL has established one of the largest and most dynamic hospitality professional networks of 25,000 alumni around the world.